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Experience and knowledge are required for implementation and evolution of information systems. At CherryTopIT, we currently serve a wide range of clients – from individual professionals, to small and medium businesses headquartered in Indiana with multi-state operations, to multi-location dental specialty practices in California, Georgia, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Winnipeg, Canada – who either have, or are moving to, a fully electronic record system.




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Our Vision: The CherryTopIT Story


For centuries ruby-red cherries have been pleasing the palates of food lovers’ through-out the world. And still today, putting-a-cherry-on-top of something signifies the adding of that extra-special final touch.


CherryTopIT is a company built on relationships and actions based on trust and performance, NOT on sales. We are dedicated to perform quickly, cognitively, efficiently and respectfully to warrant the position as your IT Department. We have assembled a group of seasoned and dedicated IT professionals – ready to meet our nationwide client’s ongoing needs on a 24/7 basis.


CherryTopIT clients are Tops in their field, too. Quite honestly, we’re not perfect for everyone. We may be a hi-tech company, but we are anchored in old-fashion values.  We enjoy the sharing of similar wants, hopes and visions. We are honored to be engaged in professional consultative partnership with our clients rather than the traditional vendor/client relationship.


Design for the Future


We sell only top quality computers, monitors and servers.


All people are different, all business are different, and technology never ceases to change, so every network is different.  Our goal is to design a cost effective robust architecture, which will have long life and can be easily expanded or morphed as needs change.


Specialized Expertise


We specialize in servicing top-in-their-field, Periodontal and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Periodontal practices with multi-locations. We have extensive experience in planning IT solutions for specialty practices, ordering and supporting specialized equipment and supporting their unique hardware and software requirements.




We provide IT support for all of your information systems hardware and software needs including networking, server setup and installation and ongoing maintenance, PC hardware and monitor installation (including customized equipment as needed,) application support, email setup and support.  We are here for you.


Customer Portal


If you are one of our current customers, you can log into our online help desk, read and post on our forums, or browse our  documentation here.


We specialize in servicing top-in-their-field, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Periodontal practices with multi-locations.

Integrated IT Services – with that Extra Special Touch



Full-service IT Support

CherryTopIT provides IT installation and support for a wide range of businesses, both locally and across the country. We can provide your business or perio practice with the following IT planning, installation and service:


  • Initial site visit to plan out the best installation to fit your needs
    • Meeting with Doctors and discussing their needs
    • Meeting with staff and discussing their needs
    • Inventorying current IT equipment in use
    • Photographing location
    • Reviewing current software in use, and their requirement
    • Begin planning/spec'ing HP equipment needs (HP Enterprise Serve, Business Glass Desktops and Laptops)
  • Customized HP Server configuration and installation at your office
  • Software installation, confirmation, and support
  • Network and wireless network design, setup and support
  • Interrogation of 3D (CBCT) and 2D into a single Imaging platform database
  • Designing PC updates needs
  • Host servers an private clouds
  • Email setup and support
  • Customized, ongoing application and hardware support





William Dick Luchtman


Dick actually started his computer business by accident. While running his successful recording studios, Caboose Productions, in Indianapolis, in the 1983 …Dick built his first computer from a “clone” IBM PC kit from Netronics R&D, Inc. in New Milford, Ct . One of Dick’s audio recording clients happen to see this unusual computer in Dick’s office.  It was housed in a wood, not metal case and had an “amber” monitor (The IBM XP of the time had a “green” screen and a metal case). Observing the computer running in “turbo” mode, using WordStar (the word processor “of the time” before Microsoft Word became the leader) the client observed Dick’s computer was MUCH faster than his PC and asked if Dick could build one for him. Thus, in 1986 Dick started MicroSystems, Inc. and the computer game was on!  The following years, Dick built several computers for Caboose to use in the office and to begin working with Digital Audio Recording and he began building computers for other interested clients.  By 1999 the computer business was in full swing, and Luchtman Computer Systems, Inc. was founded.  Growing with individual professional clients and advertising agency clients in the beginning, in 1999 he also acquired the first specialty dental client, a Periodontist, in Chicago using DSN Software PerioExec and DecisionBase Time for Dentistry. With the significant referrals from both of these companies and existing clients, growth was continuous.  In 2010 Dick’s next step in honing in on serving Dentistry professionals, CherryTopIT, Inc. was created, replacing LCSI.


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